Ivy Gate Cottage

Nestled in Descanso (“place of rest”), California, these charming shops, barn and garden area are filled to overflowing with beautiful flowers, holiday decor, vintage items, unique handpainted signs, art, furniture that has been lovingly restored, gently-used clothing, one-of-a-kind hats, bath supplies and much more ...

 Visit the millinery area where you can find ribbon by the yard, hand decorated hats, german glass glitter and other handcrafting notions. Visit the beautifully decorated shops and well-stocked barn area to find just the perfect gift and decorating items for any holiday season during the year.

This charming wood cabinet covered with greenery fits right into the garden-themed front shop.

Make Descanso a destination on your way to the historic town of Julian, or on your way to San Diego.  Grab a bite to eat at the Descanso Junction Restaurant and plan to visit Descanso Mercantile as well.  All these stops are within steps of each other.

Ivy Gate Cottage

8306B Historic Highway 79

Descanso, California,  91616


Click Here for Directions

Phyllis Jones, Owner and Creator of Ivy Gate Cottage

About Phyllis:

Phyllis was raised in Northern California during the 1960s by an artistic father and mother. At an early age, her father gave her free rein to experiment with paints in an old barn covered with wisteria that he used as a studio. Surrounded by beauty and art as a youngster and schooled by her father, she developed a trained eye for both at a young age. Phyllis accompanied her writer mother to barn sales in search of vintage and antique treasures which were brought home and lovingly restored. The family moved to the East County of San Diego when Phyllis was 13. Her art won her several awards during her school years. After marrying her husband, Ken, she slowly began building up a home business doing sign painting, crafting and branched out into flower arranging. In 1998, she opened up her own tea shop in Alpine, Cobblestone Cottage. The business was sold in 2001 — the same year that Phyllis first opened Ivy Gate Cottage in the same group of tiny shops known as the “Cobblestone Courtyard”. She moved to Descanso in January 2010 and is excited about the expansion of her business and the opportunity to create using a variety of media, including sign painting, flower and plant arrangements.

Phyllis is thankful for the opportunity to do what she loves best and gives special thanks to family, friends and the Lord Jesus Christ for unconditionally loving her throughout the years. Although many people have said that they believe that what she does for a living is romantic, Phyllis says that it is actually a LABOR of love!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Ivy Gate Cottage

  1. Visiting with Phyllis and lingering in her charming shop are a definite highlight when I visit my sister in El Cajon. Phyllis has a beautiful spirit – you can just see Jesus shining through her.

  2. We will be hiking in Noble Creek, Saturday, November 3rd and eatitng lunch at Descanso Junction. Our final stop will be your shop. What a great day planned, can’t wait!!!

  3. Phyllis I miss you so much. I will have to come out and see you one of these days. Whenever I use the beautiful green and purple purse I purchased from your shop, I get a ton of compliments. I used it today as a matter of fact! I just love it.

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