Road Trip!

Much hard work went into making last Mother’s Day weekend such a success…Lots of flowers at Ivy Gate Cottage. Phyllis made beautiful garden arrangements filled with geraniums, lobelia, alyssum, among others, along with her lovely cut flower arrangements.

Laurie gave away bath salts and sugar scrub to the folks that came through the beautiful garden area. 

One of the highlights of the weekend was a young man who came in to the shop and asked Phyllis for a HUGE arrangement of flowers. He walked out with a beautiful arrangement that was at least 3 feet tall, took it next door to the Descanso Junction Restaurant where his mother works. All the diners and waitresses in the restaurant stopped what they were doing to watch the good son deliver his Mother’s Day gift!

Michelle had Descanso Mercantile completely beautified and bursting at the seams with unique gifts and goodies. She even made Shirley Temple’s  for her customers to drink!

Beautiful areas abounded all over the sweet shop. Very few people work as hard as Michelle at constantly adding new merchandise and transforming themes for every new season. Motherhood was certainly thoroughly celebrated at the Mercantile!

Beautiful pink corner created by Michelle!

After all that hard work, Michelle decided it was time for a ROAD TRIP!  I personally have never been on a shopping trip like this with three very COMMITTED shoppers — all with great taste and style. Michelle and Rebecca (from Descanso Mercantile) and Phyllis (Ivy Gate Cottage) and I all headed up to Valley Center for our first stop:  Matilda’s Mouse.

For those of you that have never heard of this place, words cannot convey how much fun it is to shop at this historic barn on the old Betty Crocker estate. The barn itself is painted white inside and out. Take a look. The inside of the barn is spectacular. Looking up to the ceiling….The barn is arranged into many smaller “rooms” or display areas. Lots of antiques, lots of shabby chic, gorgeous rustic finishes, crowns(!), crystals, and on and on… Actually it is impossible to describe well in words.  A few pictures:

Beautiful blue vanity with mirror that we wanted to take home!

Beautiful things just outside the barn in a wonderful garden area....

Go to the following link to see Matilda’s Mouse:

With our shopping juices flowing, Michelle (our tour guide and chauffeur) continued north to the historic town of Murrieta. If you’ve never been there, you’ll need to go! The historic downtown has four wonderful shops. The women we met who worked in each of these shops were wonderful. Our first stop in Murrieta was at Murrieta Gardens, Antiques & Treasures. The historic old house is home to the brand new business owned by Kim Candice. She has great plans for this charming place:

She currently has the first floor of the house filled with vintage gifts and furniture including bath and beauty products. 

Upstairs, Kim does spa treatments. She hopes to find a partner to take over the first floor shop area because she wants to have extensive gardens and offer food service in the garden! Sounds wonderful!

We continued shopping all afternoon at Simply Friends, Treasures Antiques and Cottage Charm foregoing food until we couldn’t stand it anymore and stopped for a late lunch at The Mill (great food by the way!).

We had a great shopping experience in Murrieta! We found a real treasure that we will all be sure to revisit in the future. Great merchandise and GREAT PRICES.

Please stay tuned for upcoming events in Descanso! There’s a Peddler Fair over Memorial Day Weekend (May 28th & 29th) and a great class we’ll be offering at Ivy Gate Cottage on Saturday, June 11. See the “Descanso Events” link above for more detail…


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