The weather is gorgeous and wildflowers are blooming in Julian, around Lake Cuyamaca and in Descanso. I had to pull off the road and take some pictures of the wild lilacs that were blooming all over the place.


Roadside Wild Ceanothus.

Surrounded by such beauty, the itch to get out in the garden is urgent.


In Descanso, Michelle, Phyllis and Company(!) are prettying up, rearranging, stocking and generally getting ready for a big weekend. From Friday to Sunday (May 6-8), lots of events will be going on in Descanso including the Descanso Mercantile Open House, bath gift giveaways at Ivy Gate Cottage and a great antique sale for all three days. Please click on the Descanso Events link above for more details and exact hours and locations.

I decided to do a little work in my own garden. Dave has just completed a set of rock walls and steps in front of the house, so I decided to mimic nature by planting some eastern lilacs, delphiniums and assorted other flowers. Here they are:

Blue Delphinium

I’m sorry, I think delphiniums are the most beautiful flowers ever. That coupled with my hopeless addiction to blue and lavender, I MUST plant lilacs and delphiniums. Period.

I hope to see you in Descanso next weekend… If you live too far away (New York, Seattle or London — you know who you are!), how sad for you… I’ll miss you.


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